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Upon Your Arrival
Feed A Raptor!
Run From Dinosaurs!
Bike With Dinosaurs!
Pet A Dinosaur!
Swim With Dinosaurs!
Swing With Dinosaurs!
Camp With Dinosaurs!
Drive With Dinosaurs!
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Let us know what you think. Have reservations? Make reservations? Have reservations about making reservations? Ask stupid questions! Not that we really care, but we get quite a few laughs and giggles during our Board Meetings from some of the things we hear and read. Besides, we don't take reservations.

The Cretaceousland! Hotline, staffed by friendly-if-not-conscious-staff members, is available anytime at 1-900-A-DINO-ATE-MY-BABY ($25/minute), or you can email us at (yes Virginia, that's a real address) at your leisure. Our well-deformed, insensitive on-call staff can't help answer any question you have about your favoritest DinoReserve: Cretaceousland!. Call before you make your fateful trip here for tips, advice, and life-saving suggestions. Or call after you've been here- if the hospital allows you to use a phone (We know the Morgue does not). Our staff can also not help you with choosing the correct legal paperwork to file when suing us.

Believe it or not, you are probably not the only person who has never seen a live Dinosaur (I know! Amazing, isn't it?!?). This alone should present at least a dozen questions. Yet the majority of questions we field concern handicapped parking, available nearby medical facilities, location of community area, State-approved, mental counseling, etc, etc.

Not only is this real, it also tells us you had nothing better to do.


To Help Pay Our Phone Bill, Write
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